TeamViewer for Mac – Reviews

TeamViewer is a remote tool that helps Mac users share their system (desktop/laptop) with other user within the Internet. It can connect to any PC or server, and you can remote access other’s PC as if you were sitting in front of it. The remote device can be accessed only when there is permission to do so. It comes with excellent security, using RSA 2048 public/private key exchange-based encryption and 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) end-to-end encryption. TeamViewer is compatible with many platforms, including Windows, Mac Os X, Linux, iOS and Android.

Some of the Highest Features of the Tool

Besides helping access other desktop, TeamViewer for Mac also helps in file transfer, record sessions to play them later, online meetings, etc. There is also a ‘chat’ feature that helps in interacting with the other user. You can also optimize the speed or quality of the sharing process and choose to offer complete or limited access to your desktop.


To use Teamviewer for Mac, simply install it, indicate whether you want to use it for commercial or personal use. Then create a name and password for your computer, and make note of it for future reference. Once the installation process is done, you will be taken to the main TeamViewer interface, which is divided into two tabs: remote control and meeting. When you want to establish a remote connection, all you have to do is type in the number of the device you want to connect to into your local TeamViewer and authenticate with a temporary password. Also, if you want someone else to connect to your computer, simply give the person your ID and your temporary password, then they will be able to connect to your computer.

You can also use “QuickSupport”, a small application, which does not require installation or administrative rights. This is optimized for instant remote desktop support. So simply download, double click and give the provided ID and password to you partner.

Latest Version

TeamViewer offers an all-in-one solution for Mac remote desktop access, suitable for both private and business use. In order to continue using the software, it is updated to the latest version, and that is Teamviewer 14.5. Free users, those who don’t have a license, still can use this software as usual. There is no change regarding personal use with the latest version. Business version, who has a license, offers a comprehensive solution and committed assistance for all your business’s remote access needs.

Features of Teamviewer 14.5

  • This software instantly remote control of computers over the internet
  • One easy-to-use, re-sizable client window, that remains open when establishing a remote control connection.
  • Use the new graphical user interface of the AD (Active Directory) Connector to configure and synchronize multiple AD groups and execute test runs.
  • It has TeamViewer Pilot that solves problems beyond the screen using augmented reality.
  • Perform repetitive process with One-click script execution.
  • Dark mode for Windows, Linux and Mac.