TeamViewer Features : Overview & Reviews

TeamViewer is computer software that is easily accessible, allowing you to connect remotely to another computer. Among its functions are: share and control desks, online meetings, video conferencing and file transfer between computers.  It is also possible to access a remote computer through a web browser.

Advantages of the TeamViewer

  • Remote control of any computer.
  • Remote assistance without installation.
  • Remote administration of a server.
  • Transfer files.
  • Maximum security standard.
  • Being able to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance at a distance.
  • Make backup copies of the information from the other pc.
  • Transfer files from PC to PC without problem.
  • Remote assistance is cheaper.
  • Be able to resolve misconfigurations, viruses and update errors.

Main features of the TeamViewer

It is one of its most important features, highlights the versatility to be available on most platforms (you could connect to the computer from a mobile, for example) or the rapid transfer of files between computers. Another feature is the possibility of notifying the other person by means of notification or email to connect. Or the integrated chat, as well as being able to leave a note on the desk. With the latest version, “Team Viewer 12”, the image frequency occurs at 60 fps. This assumes that the images of a video occur without the transition from frame to frame with delay, such as in slow motion.

For Mobile

This is ‘app’ for any platform. It is free and has most features of the desktop version. You can give support or assistance to friends and family from your own smartphone. The best of its versatility is that in addition to connecting to the computer, you can also connect with another smartphone. Obviously, it is not necessary to be the same operating system. What you have to take into account is that there are 3 different ‘apps’ depending on the case. In a connection between two teams, one will be the guest and the other the guest. The guest will be the one who intends to access the files of a team or give support. That is why there are several ‘apps’. One will be for the guest: “TeamViewer for Remote Control”. And for the guest it will be: “TeamViewer Host”. The third ‘app’ is an exclusive version for guests using a Samsung Galaxy; and it’s called “Host for Samsung.”

Multi platform

One of its great virtues is that it does not resist operating system or electronic support existing in the market. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android and even Windows Universal Platform and Blackberry. But not only that, it is a tool that allows all kinds of multiplatform. You can use it on two PCs, from mobile to PC, vice versa or any other type of device.

Recording sessions

Teamviewer allows you to record remote control sessions so you can review them later. This is very useful to check how the technical support task has been carried out or to have physical evidence of the work that is done thanks to the tool. Of course, it’s a great way to self-evaluate too. It can be activated from the connection window, by clicking on “Files and extras” and then “Start session recording”. The resulting video can be viewed from the tool itself or converted to a standard format.

International vocation

Just as it does not resist any operating system, another of its great advantages is its international nature, which makes it a very interesting application for any company that works with people and venues of different nationalities. Teamviewer is translated into 30 languages and is compatible with the vast majority of international keyboards.

Sending files between devices

It is perhaps the most surprising of its functions, since a priori most of the users are dealing with a program that allows reflecting what is done in one device in the other. But it goes further because, for example, files can be shared between the PC that controls the Teamviewer version and the one that works remotely. The option is also in the “Files and extras” section. The transfer window is the function that you must activate by placing a computer on each side of the window that is activated. It can also be done with the file box function, which opens a small window to share available files by hand.

Maximum customization

Teamviewer allows you to adapt your configuration to the taste and / or needs of each user. For example, you can give more importance to speed than to graphic quality or vice versa, giving more importance to the image. These types of details are controlled from the connection window, in its top menu.

Functions of the TeamViewer

Its main functionality, which they have been perfecting since 2005, is remote access from computer to computer. Simply install the program on each device, and register by creating an account. This way you are the one who gives permission to the other person to connect. Therefore, it does not entail any risk of unwanted intrusion; especially because you can see at any time that has connected to your computer.

Team Viewer can be used for:

  • To offer remote support to colleagues, friends or customers.
  • To administer Windows servers and workstations. This allows you to access your computer before you even log in to Windows.
  • To connect to other platforms, such as Mac OS X and Linux.
  • To connect from Android or iOS mobile devices to Windows, Mac or Linux computers.
  • To share you’re desktop in meetings, presentations or team work.
  • To connect to your home computer when you are away and work with documents, check email or download images from your computer for editing.
  • To link to your work PC when you are not here (for instance, if you require significant information during a business trip).
  • TeamViewer can communicate through the barriers of firewalls, NAT routers and proxies without the need for a special configuration.