TeamViewer 13 Free Download for Windows & Mac

In an online world, it is ideal to always be at the forefront of the latest technologies to facilitate support and management tasks.  In this regard, TeamViewer is positioned as one of the best alternatives in everything related to remote support offering a safe, simple to use and free environment, provided it is for personal use.

 TeamViewer 13 is complete with various functionalities, new improvements, and a new environment, and remembers that this application can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, android and iOS operating systems.

 Solve wants to make a detailed analysis on how to install and use this new edition of TeamViewer and thus use one of the best-known tools in the world for remote equipment management.

TeamViewer 13: Product’s Review

•    Now we will talk about the most important topic and it is about all the news, improvements and functionalities of TeamViewer 13.

•    Aspect to begin, TeamViewer 13 has developed a more intuitive interface. Accessing all features and options is easier than in previous versions.

•    Sharing the iOS screen is probably the highlight of this version of TeamViewer, as it now allows you to share your iOS screen with devices that run not only Windows and Mac operating systems, but also Chrome OS, BlackBerry, and Android.

TeamViewer 13: Product’s Salient Features:

Cutting edge support

It has a mobile support technology to allow IT technicians the ability to resolve support cases faster and provide customers with an exceptional support experience.

 IOS screen sharing

This option has been added for the first time in TeamViewer to allow support staff to view iPhones and remote iPads in real-time. Remote support for iOS devices is now much more efficient, which means that the end-user experience is improved, as technicians can provide faster and more accurate troubleshooting.

Intuitive File Transfer

We can improve workflow and save time by configuring and managing secure file transfers between devices. We will now be clear about what files are transferred to each device and monitor their progress. It will be possible to access recent folders to quickly locate the necessary files, queue several stacks of files to transfer and view the progress of the transfer within a revised UI.

Essential Asset Management

With this improvement it is possible to perform critical maintenance or update tasks more efficiently, visualize the name of the equipment, the operating system, the processor and the RAM of each assigned device within the administration console, without the need to establish a remote connection.

 Assignment of automated service cases

With this improvement, it is possible to save time by assigning service requests through our team, so that the right person can start important tasks without delay.

 Recent Connections

We can make use of the Recent Connections group at the top of the list of computers and contacts to initiate remote control, file transfer or online meeting connections.

 Extended Remote Device Board

It will be possible to save more time by obtaining the information we need about a device during a remote connection. We can see information about the activity time, serial number, hard disk status, battery level (and if it is connected to a power supply), as well as the BIOS version and date.

 Hardware acceleration

With the new TeamViewer 13, we will get more hardware speed. Improve the performance of the TeamViewer remote control, while reducing the load on the CPU.

Enhanced remote printing

It is possible to easily print remote documents locally with better quality than ever. Enable remote printing with HP, macOS and full-colour printers, as well as an overall improved user experience.

 Instant Login

We can log in instantly, even when the list of equipment and contacts contains thousands of contacts and devices, thanks to improvements that take advantage of secure caching.

 Forced Session Recording

With this new function, it is possible to comply with compliance guidelines and security requirements by ensuring that complete and uninterrupted recordings are stored securely for each remote desktop connection, as well as fully logging each remote control session initiated by technicians. , without the possibility for users to pause or stop recording. All recordings are saved on the network or the location of the desired local unit.

 Enhanced User Permission Control

Security improvements have been added at the permission level, where we can limit the privileges of editing profile data to the company administrator with the option of permitting users to change their password.

How to Download TeamViewer 13:

  Once downloaded the executable file we proceed to open it and we will see the following:

 There we will select the private/non-commercial option to enjoy TeamViewer for free. We will see that within the section what you want to do we can select three options:

•  Install – This option fully installs the tool on the local computer.

•  Install to control this computer later on remotely – This option allows us to install TeamViewer to exclusively control the equipment where it is to be installed.

•   Just start – It allows you to run TeamViewer directly without having to be installed locally.

Once the desired option is selected, click on Accept / Finish and the installation process of TeamViewer 13 on the device.

Now we will analyze a little more about the use of the new version of TeamViewer. In the first section of TeamViewer we have the option to connect remotely to a computer or others connect to ours with the respective IDs and passwords:

There we can select the option to take the remote control of the equipment, or, be used for the file transfer process. Once we connect we will have more options when interacting with the remote computer.

 In the main section of TeamViewer 13, we have the option of Meeting which has improved in many aspects and new features have been added such as starting a presentation, a video call, and others:

 In the final two sections, Contacts and Messages, we must have an email associated with TeamViewer 13 for its execution.

 Thus, TeamViewer 13 has made a fairly notable update to offer its millions of users a new option when it comes to supporting or remote transfer.